Pastor Marcus Hammonds

    On June 3, 1957 Elder Marcus Hammonds, the youngest child of five boys
    was born to Pastor Supt. Elder Rozelle and Gladys Hammonds. Growing
    up in Delaney Projects, Elder Marcus can vividly remember the
    wonderful nights of having to share his bed with his two older
    brothers. Elder M. Hammonds can truly say, "Lord I thank you for a
    new day."

    Pastor Emeritus Rozelle and Gladys Hammonds faithfully and diligently
    set the example that pointed Pastor Marcus in the direction he needed to
    go. He watched his father and mother go back to school and attain their
    college degrees. He observed his father, work his way up from window washer to
    salesman, salesman to manager,manager to part-owner, part-owner to sole
    owner of Esquire Men's Store. He watched his mother, a teacher in the Public
    School System; attain her Bachelor and Master

    We now see that same drive and determination in Elder Marcus Hammonds. At
    the age of seven he learned to read piano music. By age twelve, Pastor Marcus
    was no longer satisfied with just his music, but began to learn and teach his
    older brother Richard how to play and read his music lesson. In his sophomore
    year of high school, his music teacher pleaded with him to go to summer jazz
    school in Atlanta, but his mother emphatically said No! Thank God, for a mother
    full of wisdom.

    After graduating from high school, Pastor Marcus continued his education at
    Tennessee State University, majoring in music. From there he transferred to
    Vincennes University, and earned his Associate Degree in Building Trade
    Technology. He also completed and received his certification in Franchise
    Management. Like his mother and father, he went back to school and earned
    his Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministry.

    Pastor Marcus believes that any success he has achieved would not have
    been possible if it was not for God first and Lady Alexis (Lexi-Poo). The Bible
    says, "A man that finds a wife, finds a good thing" (Pr. 18:22). In 1980 Pastor
    Marcus met Alexis Smith, and the two were married October 2, 1982. To this
    union were born two children, Markia and Marcus II. Lady Alexis remained
    faithful by her husband side as he travel over 15 years, to minister in music at
    St. Luke COGIC, Chicago, Illinois. Lady Alexis is a spiritual motivator, wife, cook,
    choir director and a Flame of Fire.

    Special thanks to Bishop Austin, for being a pastor, friend and mentor to
    Pastor Hammonds. If God had not placed you into his life, he would not be the
    man he is today. Words can never explain the profundity of the love Pastor
    Marcus and Lady Alexis have for you and your ministry. Pastor Marcus was
    ordained August 1, 2003 by Bishop E. Bobby Warren. Pastor Marcus has
    proven to be reliable, responsible, and loyal to his calling.

    He is self-motivated, God-fearing, hardworking and trustworthy. Pastor Marcus
    has served in every capacity at the church including Head Custodian, Musician,
    Minister of Music, and Sound Engineer. In June of 2004, the Lord stirred the
    heart of then Co-Pastor Marcus to start an 1 hour Early Morning Worship
    Service at Saints Home COGIC. Nine years later, Co-Pastor Marcus was
    installed as Pastor of Saints Home COGIC by Bishop Donald L. Alford Sr.
                                SAINTS HOME COGIC
                                                     833 East 21st. Ave, Gary, Indiana 46402

                                                                Pastor Marcus and Lady Alexis Hammonds