Saints Home COGIC was founded by the late Bishop C.E. Bennett.
    The first State Convocation was held at Saints Home COGIC, 509
    East 20th Avenue Gary, Indiana July 27th to August 5th 1927. This
    meeting was hosted by Bishop C.E. Bennett and was graced with the
    presence of Bishop C.H. Mason. Later that year Bishop Bennett was
    appointed to the office of State Overseer.

    Beginning with eleven small churches and missions, by 1948 the
    numbers had grew to forty-eight churches. Shortly thereafter the
    state was divided into northern and southern portions. Sixteen
    churches were placed with Overseer Homer Worth and thirty-two
    churches left with Overseer Bennett. The number soon grew to
    ninety churches under Bishop C. E. Bennett.

    On November 14, 1968, the General assembly of the COGIC elected
    the first General Board and Presiding Bishop of the church. Bishop C.
    E. Bennett was a member of the first General Board elected (1968-
    1972). Bishop Bennett after out growing 509 East 20th Avenue,
    relocated his congregation and church to it's new edifice at 833 East
    21st Gary, Indiana. On June 27, 1972 the Lord called Bishop Bennett
    home to rest from his labors.

    In December of 1972, Elder William O. Blakely, Sr., pastor of Faith
    Temple COGIC who had faithfully and loyally served Bishop Bennett
    was chosen to succeed him as pastor of Saints Home and Bishop of
    Indiana First Jurisdiction. Under Bishop W.O. Blakely leadership, the
    Indiana First Jurisdiction grew to over 120 churches. The Lord moved
    Bishop Blakely a spiritual and humble leader from labor to reward in

    On December 10, 1988, Elder Rozelle Hammonds was appointed
    pastor of Saints Home COGIC. Pastor Hammonds was saved, filled
    with the Holy Ghost and later called to ministry in 1952. Pastor
    Rozelle Hammonds was ordained by the late Bishop C. E. Bennett in
    1956. Pastor R. Hammonds also served as Assistant Pastor to
    Bishop William O. Blakely. Pastor R. Hammonds is presently the
    owner/operator of Esquire Men's Clothing, where he has worked 69

    Pastor Hammonds married his high school sweetheart Gladys
    Marcella (Crawford) Hammonds. Pastor R. Hammonds a high school
    drop, went back to school and earned his Bachelor Degree in
    Business Administration. Mother Gladys Hammonds earned her
    Bachelor's and Master Degree in Elementary Education. To this
    union 5 sons were born, Supt. Rozelle (Ruby), Pastor Richard
    (Gospel Experience),Peter (Vivian), Pastor Frank (Denine) and
    Pastor Marcus and Alexis Hammonds (Saints Home COGIC).

    Pastor R. Hammonds retired on November 17, 2012 and was
    appointed Pastor Emeritus and his youngest son Marcus Hammonds
    was appointed Pastor of Saints Home COGIC. He was officially
    installed as Pastor on March 10, 2013 by Bishop Donald L. Alford Sr.

                                SAINTS HOME COGIC
                                                     833 East 21st. Ave, Gary, Indiana 46402

                                                              Pastor Marcus and Lady Alexis Hammonds