It is our vision to be a church that mirrors Christ.
    The heart beat of our ministry is to evangelize and
    disciple. Simply put our aspirations are to reach
    and teach. Understanding, that a church that
    mirrors God is a church that loves God. "For God
    so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten
    Son.." (Jn. 3:16). It is our vision that we come
    together as a diverse group of people with different
    backgrounds, but sharing the commonality of
    knowing and putting Christ first (Mt. 6:33).

    We believe every believer should be in a growing
    relationship with Jesus by being obedient to God's
    word and surrendering to his Holy Spirit. Therefore,
    as a body of Christ we will seek to move people
    from programs to relationships. Jesus used the
    relationship building process of selecting,
    associating, consecrating, duplicating, imparting
    and demonstrating.
                              SAINTS HOME COGIC
                                                     833 East 21st. Ave, Gary, Indiana 46402

                                                              Pastor Marcus and Lady Alexis Hammonds